2020 - 2021 ISR COMMITTEE #36

Co-Chair - Barry B. "Cool Breeze"
Co-Chair - Kurt F. "Truk"
Treasurer -  Peggy D.
Registration -  Peggy D.
Secretary - Rob B. "Ziptie"
Newsletters and Flyers - Ben S.
Social Media & Website -  Barry B. and Rob B.
Outreach Program - VACANT

Volunteer Coordinator - Lisa A.
PreRun Events Coordinator / New* - Alexis L. 
PreRun CoSprings Events - VACANT
Denver PreRun Events - Alexis L.
Pueblo PreRun Events - Kristi B.
Cedaredge Run Events - Ashley & Cliff B., Steve H.
Members at Large - Terri Ann M., Kaye P., Deanna D. 

Volunteers - Kristi B., Lisa G., Craig, Jenny, Kevin M., more to come..

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